Update 5 Fixes v0.5.1.1

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    Hi Pioneers!

    Hello again everyone, We hope you’re all having fun with the Update, We’ve noticed some issues still so here’s a small patch for you all.

    Some of you are experiencing some common issues (Like corrupted game files) and the solutions to them might have been missed on the last patch notes due to them being so massive, so please take a look over at the “Known Issues” section in this patch notes and hopefully that will help!

    If you’re still having issues or if we are forgetting something important or we introduced new issues after this patch, please let us know over at our QA Site https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/ We read your comments every day.

    Thanks for enjoying our game, see you soon <3


    • Vehicle path arrows in UI now have the correct positions
    • Fixed a possible exploit in Vehicle fuel calculations
    • Fixed a bug where Trains colliding at low speed could spam particle effects, leading to poor performance and could cause the game to crash in some cases
    • Made Vehicles take available fuel for as long as they are docked
    • Fixed the fuel consumption metrics in the Truck Stations not accounting for pauses and docking times in the path time
    • Fixed a bug where a vehicle might be blocked indefinitely when in long distance mode
    • Tracks will now try to automatically re-connect when there is a connection where one side of the connection is lost, commonly a result from save game modifications


    • Fixed a bug that made Clients spam poll the server, now we should poll much less
    • Fixed some more issues with the Crash reporter integration


    • A reminder for people who have been having issues with unexpected crashes on startup or weird behaviour with the game, in that case please try to verify your game files.

      You can do this on Steam by Right Clicking the game in your Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files...

      And on Epic by clicking on the three dots (“...”) next to the title or at the right side, depending on your selected library view > Verify

      This may or may not redownload a large amount of files which might take a while depending on your internet connection or hard drive speeds so be wary of that.

      If you are using mods, they might need to be updated or uninstalled after updating so please keep this in mind too.
    • If you are experiencing issues launching the game or loading a save and you have already verified your files, you might have some incompatibility with DX12 as the default renderer, you can try the following launch options to try to force DX11, DX12 or Vulkan to run respectively.
      • d3d11
      • DX11
      • d3d12
      • DX12
      • vulkan
    • Dedicated Server Crash reports, Currently Crashes that happen on a Dedicated Server are automatically sent to us, this is enabled by default, we plan on including a toggle for this in GUI but for the moment, if you want to disable automatically sending crash logs you can do this:
      • Go to the Server Install folder
      • Open “Engine.ini”
      • Add the following:
      • [CrashReportClient]
      • bImplicitSend=False
      • Save changes and restart the Server

    25. November 2021 17:14

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