Steam Awards Nominations are Open

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    Hayo Zookeepers!

    It's an exciting time of year for the Steam Community - the 2021 Steam Awards nominations are now open!

    Having just celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of Planet Zoo, we're incredibly proud of the hard work and care that goes into the game! With regular Free Updates which incorporate some incredible new features (Bernie's Bakes cake shop, anyone?), and a great variety of DLCs which provide a mixture of new animals and decorative pieces for your zoos, the Planet Zoo team are constantly working to give this incredible community the best possible zoo building experience. We think it shows in just how much you're able to let your imagination run wild with every new build!

    That's why, for this years' Steam Awards, we'd be endlessly grateful if you'd consider nominating Planet Zoo for the Steam Awards Labour of Love category, in celebration of the ongoing care and support that our wonderful developers continue to shower upon the PlanZo community!

    If you are considering nominating us, you can do so above or on our Store Page:

    24. November 2021 19:00

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