Cursed Possessions | Update v0.5.1.1

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    • Added a priority system for the photo evidence detection (top to bottom):
      • Ghost
      • Bone
      • Fingerprints
      • Footprints
      • Dead Body
      • Interactions
      • Cursed Items
      • Dirty Water


    • Removed Christmas event decorations and changes
    • Maple Lodge Campsite will now have random weather again
    • Lowered the volume of the bulb smash sound
    • You can no longer take multiple photos of a Ghost, instead it will search for different evidence within the photo
    • Ghost photos are now much easier to take, especially when the ghost is partially hidden
    • Removed the double chance for the Mimic to spawn
    • Lights will no longer randomly flicker away from the ghost when the ghost is hunting


    • Fixed a bug where the ghost could not hear host players during hunts
    • Fixed a bug where you could not take a photo of some door and light switch interactions
    • Fixed a bug where the refrigerator audio was still playing if the power was off at the start of the game
    • Fixed a bug where the Mirror was showing the wrong area on some maps and outside the map on Asylum
    • Fixed an issue where the Prison Ouija Board was spawning sideways
    • Fixed a bug where the ghost would kill you if it heard you in a closet and then you moved into a different closet
    • Fixed a bug on Willow where some sounds near the ceiling on the first floor would get muffled
    • Fixed a bug where the ghost could interact with the DOTS Projector when it was turned off
    • Fixed a bug where you could get a ghost photo if the ghost was directly behind you when taking a photo
    • Fixed a bug where the small house candle did not emit any light
    • Fixed a bug where you could hear dead players after being revived

    10. Januar 2022 12:47

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