Alpha Hotfix #030

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    [Game System]

    • Now trees have scratches when hitting them.
    • Now doors collision disappear when the door is opened.


    • The optimization of Range Trap.
    • Fixed the problem that the frame fell as the date passed.

    [Bug Fixed]

    • Fixed the problem where sometimes the birds would fall under the terrain.
    • Fixed the problem that the lower part of the trees were broken when the trees first hit.
    • Fixed the problem where you could not move when hit by an Ankle Trap.
    • Fixed the problem where the bush was not crushed at once even if it took more damage than its own health.
    • Fixed the problem that the trap floor was on fire.
    • Fixed the problem that the door was not displayed properly when the door was destroyed.
    • Fixed the problem that the hit animation was played during parkour.
    • Fixed the crash that occurred in certain situation.

    Please make sure to run the most up-to-date version of the game.
    Thank you.

    25. März 2021 03:13

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