Alpha Hotfix #040

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    - EDIT -
    Fixed the frame was constantly dropping.
    Fixed the store inventory was being updated slowly.

    Please report crashes and bugs to the email address below. We will respond as quickly as possible.

    [Bug Fixed]- Fixed some crashes.
    - Fixed some network issues related to the mutiplayer.
    - Fixed the client's food buff wat not displayed properly.
    - Fixed the building could not be fully loaded when connecting to the dedicated server.
    - Fixed the client was stuck on the loading screen when connecting to the server.
    - Fixed the client's game time was not updated properly.
    - FIxed the foliage afterimages occurred in the client.
    - Fixed the client could appear to be able to fire their guns without bullets.
    - Fixed the Leg-Hold Trap's effects overlapped in the client.
    - Fixed the attack animation continued to play even after the flamethrower trap had finished attacking in the client.
    - Fixed the movement speed reduction debuff was continuously maintained in the client.
    - Fixed players couldn't attack the bottom when equipped with wooden axe in FPP.

    21. Oktober 2021 11:16

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